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Best smelling shower & bath gift ideas

I was sent samples for promotion

Holiday Gift Guide Feature
The reason so many of us have our Holiday Gift Guides are to help you all out with that burning question- ‘what do I get him or her?’ Ideas and not just any ideas, but quality, unique and effective products are what I aim to find and bring to all of my readers attention. A product I have for the guide is a new favorite of mine and they are from Level Naturals.
Bath products for men and women are always well received and when you add the description of natural, best smelling and as featured on National TV then yo have that unique and effective product you are searching for. See what gift ideas Levels Naturals has for you below and where you can locate these!
Level Naturals Soaps

The 10 scented soap varieties are made with the most pure and gentle ingredients. It is a combination of plant oils, natural essential oils and extracts. No wonder my Menthol + Lime bar smells so amazing and lather so well!
  • Eucalyptus or Menthol + Lime
  • Tea Tree + Activated Charcoal
  • Dragon’s Blood + Spice
  • Lavender + Chamomile
  • Peppermint + Pumice
  • Rosemary + Clay
  • Ylang Ylang + Rosewood
  • Patchouli + Orange Peel
  • Grapefruit + Bergamot
  • Frankincense +_ Myrrh

Level Naturals Shower Bombs

Think bath bomb you stand over in the shower! The organic menthol and eucalyptus blends with the steam from your shower below your feet for extra relaxation as you deep breath and relax under that hot water. The Tea Tree is near your feet to give them extra attention they deserve as you stand with the shower bomb. There is a lavender and cucumber scent as well. I can tell you that the cucumber is such a great scent!

Level Natural Bath Bombs

Not only are these round and colorful they come in a fun egg carton box. Grab a little bomb made of oils, essential oils and botanicals and fade away (not literally) as you relax in your bath. It will more than make up for the constant interruptions as the kids knock on your door or scream in play as they run by trying to rob you of your Me Time! They are that good!
You can also find body butters and even soy candles at Levels Naturals. Locate products online at https://levelnaturals.com/ and other online retailers. Follow on Facebook too for promotions!
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