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Best Powerbank for Traveling is the myCharge HubXtra

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PBest Powerbank for Traveling is the myCharge HubXtra

If you can’t live without your phone or tablet while on the go then surely you have a powerbank, portable charger. I actually have a purse with one sewn in and I carry another type that charges via the lighter in my car and I keep it there if the boys or my husband also need one when we are out all day. myCharge is here with the best powerbank for traveling and I’ll tell you why that is.

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Portable chargers are so handy and make my work easier. When I am out all day or traveling I need photos that could potentially be part of a post or story. But there is one problem I have had with the powerbanks I own. I have grabbed it and my phone and forgot the cord to charge from.

best powerbank

As with any new product for technology that arrives for our convenience there is always more that can be perfected and myCharge has done that with their HubXtra. Why do I call this the best? There are several really great reasons:

  • It has the cords included! There is both a lightning and Micro USB for all the popular phone/tablet brands
  • It has built-in wall prongs for easy charging
  • It is slim and fits in my purse
  • It charges up to 65% faster than competitors

portable charger

With Mother’s day then Father’s day approaching this is a fantastic gift idea. The myCharge HubXtra portable charger that I call the best powerbank for traveling retails for only $69.99 at myCharge.com. I also found it on Amazon for the same price.

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