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Best Pillow for Staying Cool in Bed

Living in the Pacific NW you can have a pleasant 65 degree day and then once the sun sets the nights can be in the 30’s. This means the inside thermostat wants to run, then not, then a little too much or not enough depending on how many times the doors to outside get open with kids and dogs going in and out. By the time bedtime rolls around you can be bundled up under blankets while keeping one leg out to help with the hot/cold shift overnight.

Best Pillow for Staying Cool in Bed

Having the right bedding and temperature is such an important factor to healthy sleep and the GhostBed Pillow by Nature’s Sleep is the best pillow that stays cool. It is very comfortable as well with its memory foam feature.

The Ghost Ice Fabric Zippered Cover is instantly cool. The cover is designed to neutralizes heat to sleep cool all night long. The pillow is made with aerated gel memory foam. It has a performance cooling side and an aerated mesh cover to enhance the Phase Change cooling by allowing air to circulate. This all means that it is cool on both sides and stays cool all night long. There’s the right amount of support for a great night’s sleep and it truly does sleep cool, like they promise!

Each GhostPillow includes:

  • 101-Night Sleep Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • Industry leading 5 year warranty

GhostPillow is a product of GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep, which makes a mattress that Consumer Reports rated very good or excellent in every category.

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Dorothy Boucher

This pillow sounds amazing, I am always looking for a better pillow or mattress that I can get a better sleep on. Most nights i’m lucky if I sleep 4 hours, pillows are never perfect for my sleep.

missy ellis

good review

Sam m

I am a very hot sleeper but have to have a blanket on. I cant have it on my feet though. I need a pillow like this.


I have never tried these, but I love my cool temperature pillows I have. They really help you sleep better.

Donna Clifford

Never heard of those pillows before. Cool! 🙂


When we bought our new posturepedic mattress, we bought a new pillow like the one in your article. The salesman recommended it. He said to enjoy the full sleeping experience, it is a must to have one. He was right. Our neck and backs felt better – it was a better experience!! So if I didn’t have my pillow already, I would definitely buy one!!

Stacey A Smith

that sound great it gets so hot in Northern California that I’m always sweating at night.

Stacey A Smith

I so need one living in California the heat in the summer is crazy here.


Oh I cannot sleep if I am hot or even a little too warm, and so this would be perfect. I’d love to try it.