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Best Modern Modern Odor Neutralizing and Scent Solution

Best Modern Modern Odor Neutralizing and Scent Solution

There are many aroma options for our homes and cars on the market. Some involve flames to light, some are about melting waxes and then there are the diffusers we have to fill and set up each time we use them.

Then there is Alio. Alio has no flame, messy wax or water-filled canisters. They just offer modern aroma that actually work to neutralize odors and will blend with any decor.

Alio reed diffusers

I use the Alio reed diffusers and have one in the dog kennel area (where I could never leave a flame or wax melts or I would have a mess). I also have scented pouches from Alio for my closets and small spaces.

Alio products are made domestically from all-natural, sustainable materials so they are safe around the kids and pets. Alio also has an option for fresher air in the car!

alio scent pouch
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