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Best Gift Idea for Minecraft Fans

My son is 7 and my nephew is 10 and they are 2 of the biggest Minecraft fans you may meet! My son learned a lot about the game from his cousin. My son plays on computer, apps and video consoles and my nephew is addicted to the computer version. My SIL and brother are surprising my nephew with his own laptop for Christmas and so with a bit of jealousy, my son agrees that Austin is the child that deserves and would go nuts over this Gameband for Christmas. What else do you buy and 10 year old? That is such a tough age to buy for and he is going to go nuts over this band!
The Gameband is an accessory to the computer version of Minecraft. Minecraft fans know that to build your world then walk away from it can subject you to attacks or destruction. Checking into the game is crucial to keep your world safe. So I asked my son why is it so important to keep your world safe. He says 
“…Creepers and Endermen are enemies that can blow up or steal your blocks. You need the blocks because you are building worlds and structures with them. There are certain minerals and rocks that Endermen cannot steal and Creepers cannot blow up. You collect rocks and supplies in Creative Mode and then in Survival Mode you create your world and use those supplies. You earn materials by digging and exploring to uncover them to keep. All that hard work will go away if you do not protect your world….”
Let me start by saying that those words came from my 7 year old! I am so impressed with the game of Minecraft and just how well my son has learned things such as minerals and strengths or bedrock versus obsidian. The engineering in his world is incredible. If the game of Minecraft does not become responsible for crafting future Engineers or Scientists in todays kids I’d be shocked!
How Gameband works

The Gameband plugs into your PC or laptop. You have 2 band choices- Redstone (black and red) or Diamond (black at teal). You can customize your Gameband with messages, images and animations that you choose. You plug in Gameband to the USB outlet on your computer and launch and play your Minecraft game. When done playing you save your setting and preferences to Gameband and its secure server. Unplug the Gameband, wear it and take your world with you! It’s the surest way to keep your world protected wherever you go and no matter how long you are away from your computer. You simply can plug it into other computers wherever you are and keep playing! When not playing and wearing it, the Gameband displays your customized images and animations for fun brings personality to the band! 
You can find the Minecraft bands at Target, Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart and Microsoft stores. Can’t get to the stores again? Head over to Gameband.com and order your band. It will not be here by Christmas, but you can print their “On It’s Way’ certificate to wrap and gift!
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