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Best Foods Before A Workout

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Best Foods Before a Workout
By Amber Collins

Whenever one wants to get into shape, s/he doesn’t just sit around but rather goes to the gym and
works out hard in order to get the shape s/he desires. However, before hitting the gym, one has to
put some fuel in the engine, so to say. In other words, you need to eat prior to working out so that
you have the sufficient energy to perform your training. What you need to eat highly depends on
when during the day you decide to workout.

In case it is during the morning, before work, when you prefer to go to the gym, that means you
won’t have enough time in order for the food to be digested, so you have to keep your pre-workout
meal really light. However, if the visit to the gym is in the middle of the afternoon, this means that
you can have a bigger meal, definitely different than the one you would have in the morning.
If you have a little time until the workout, choose eating carbohydrates instead of protein or fat.
Carbs are digested in your small intestines, whereas protein and fat are digested in the stomach.
This is why, exercising with a belly full of protein or fat-rich foods will lead to having nasty
cramps. Basically, the rule is this: the amount of the food in your meal depends on the time you
have until the workout. Little time – small meal. A bit more time – a larger meal. As simple as that.
As for some good pre-workout foods and snacks:

Celery with peanut butter. Sure some people might consider this an odd combination, but a lot of
folks tend to have it. What makes this snack so good is the fact that the celery is rich in nutrients
and fiber and has as low as six calories per stalk. Peanut butter has fat and protein. Overall, it is a
low-calory combination that can provide you with the energy you need for a good workout
regardless the time of day.

Double A. Or, in other words, an apple with some almonds. Apples are great pre-workout fuel.
Moderate sugar load, valuable pectin fiber, as well as antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. What
more can you ask for? Combined with a handful of almonds, you add a bit of protein and fat. This
combination is bound to keep the hunger away.


Oats. A great source of energy, let there be no doubt about it. Either as breakfast, or an afternoon
pre-workout snack, this has a great effect. For an extra delicious porridge, try this: soak the oats in
cold milk and add to the mixture a handful of various nuts and dried fruits. If you want it to be a
little more sweet, add a teaspoon of honey.

Whey. One of the best, if not the best protein powders is definitely whey protein. It is an extremely
high quality protein that supports your immune system as it provides glutathione building blocks.
Glutathione is one of the body’s most important antioxidants. Also, according to a research, whey
protein can help you in your weight loss endeavor. During workout, it has a fat burning ability and
can even assist in gaining lean body mass. Make yourself a nice whey protein shake with milk (or
water) to which you can add frozen berries or banana slices.

Cheese and berries. Especially blueberries. They are tasty, low on sugar, and rich with fiber,
antioxidants and phytonutrients. A perfect pre-workout snack would be a bowl with a mix of berries
and string cheese. String cheese has eight grams of protein, just a little fat to keep hunger away and
as little as 80 calories. Plus, it is a great calcium source.

Turkey and grapes. It is a great match of low calories, carbs and protein. Four slices of turkey, deli
packaged, have not more than 90 calories but can give you more than 15 grams pure protein. Some
grapes add carb to the mixture. Pick purple or red grapes, as they are richer in antioxidants. If you
have some other meat at home, such as chicken or beef, it can still be a great way to obtain the
necessary proteins consisted in it and get your fuel for the good workout you are about to have.
Best Foods Before a Workout1.jpg

Anyways, the options for a good pre-workout snack are more than you can imagine, but if you don’t
have enough time, you can always grab a granola protein bar from the nearby store.

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Bio: Amber Collins is a professional freelance writer and fun-loving mother. She is a fitness junkie
and try to be creative in implementing different exercises in her daily activities as a housewife.
She loves organizing her SG1 living space and keeping it clutter-free. She is an avid chocolate
lover and always keep big amounts of it in her. Her story of following her determination of staying
fit and writing about it will inspire you. Her present article is dedicated on the best foods before

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6 thoughts on “Best Foods Before A Workout”

  1. Good to know! I do love celery and blueberries. I get the "wild blueberries" found only in the frozen section in Walmart or Kroger because Dr. Oz says they actually STOP cancer cells in their tracks!

  2. We regularly snack on Celery with peanut butter! I love blueberris and string cheese but have never thought to put them together! I will have to try that!

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