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Best Foods After A Workout

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Best Foods After Workout
By Amber Collins

Completing a hard and intense workout sure feels rewarding, no doubt about it. However, once you
are done and setting a step outside of the gym, the first thing that comes to mind, in most cases, is
what to eat. And it is only normal. Your body is tired and you need to reward it with the sufficient
supplements to help it recover faster. Otherwise, the whole workout can go down the drain as your
body will start burning muscle. But if you feel like rewarding yourself with a cheeseburger from the
nearby fast food franchise – don’t! There are way better options for a post workout snack you can
munch on.

1.A protein shake
This one is a bit obvious, but still. Low on fat, rich in protein as well as quickly absorbed and
digested. In case you would like to make your shake more special, consider a carb addition of
banana slices, various berries and dried fruits. You can prepare this liquid-y snack at home and have
immediately after the workout.

2.Fruits and cottage cheese
If the cottage cheese is somehow tasteless to you, you can add some flavor by adding fruits to the
meal. A nice combination is cottage cheese with peaches. An amazing source of calcium, protein
and vitamin D and at the same time low on fat and carbs.

A completely natural post-workout snack. A nice sweet treat that is fairly easy to break down. If
you don’t feel like eating them alone, toss two or three in your shake.

4.Whole grain bread with egg whites
Once you are at home after the strenuous workout, you can treat yourself with a power meal!
Prepare scrambled eggs, but leaving the yolk aside. Use just the egg whites. Add raw vegetables to
it all. Papers, tomatoes, everything goes. Have it with a whole grain bagel.

5.Protein pancakes
In case you are working out before breakfast, your post-workout meal can be your meal. Protein
pancakes are just the thing to ‘refuel’ your engine and give you a nice start to the day. For these tasty
treats, use oats, egg whites, Greek yoghurt, protein powder and peanut butter. Adding fruit chunks
at the end is optional.

Easy to prepare and sure to give you back the energy you need. A rewarding oatmeal is full of fiber,
refuels the carbs and is loaded with lots of protein.

These are a good choice, for they are high in unsaturated fats, vitamins, antioxidants and protein.
Probably the best pick is almonds. Each of them has just seven calories and about fifteen are more
than enough to make you feel full. By themselves or in a salad, almonds are a nice post-workout
snack you can have even while on the move.

8. Greek Yogurt
A container of non-fat Greek yoghurt is as refreshing as it is nutritious. In case you would like to
add some flavor to it, consider drizzling some berries or honey on top of it. Yoghurt is high on
protein whole the honey is a fast absorbed carb, which makes this yummy treat a great post workout
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However, the amount of your post-workout food depends on the intensity of your workout. 15 to
30 minutes of walking, stretching or light weights training might not even make you break a sweat,
which would mean that a bigger post-workout meal is not required. These meals’ aim is to recover
and to ‘fight’ your muscles’ fatigue. However, if there is no such, consider an ultra light snack.
And at last, but not least, let’s not forget and underestimate the importance of a nice and steamy
sauna too. It can help you greatly to unwind and relax after an intense workout and get rid of any

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Bio: Amber Collins is a professional freelance writer and fun-loving mother. She is a fitness junkie
and try to be creative in implementing different exercises in her daily activities as a housewife.
She is an avid chocolate lover and always keep in her home lots of it. Her story of
following her determination of staying fit and writing about it will inspire you. Her present article is
dedicated on the best foods after workout.

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