Best Exercise For Flabby Arms TarlEl’s® Arm Lift & Toner System

I was sent product for feature. Opinions are 100% my own

This is new to me! Less flab and no exercise! The TerlEl’s Arm Lift & Toner System is an option for one of the best exercise for flabby arms when exercise time is hard to find. I do total body workouts a few days a week so my arms get some exercise, but I do not typically lift weights. I was anxious to see if these actually work.

I was sent a pair (1 for each arm) and immediately took a before photo below. In the video about these on the Natural First Look website it says most people see results within 3 weeks. I am only on week 2 and feel I had enough optimism to share week 1 results with you.

I have to admit, I was skeptical about toning my arms without real exercise so I put in the batteries, tucked the pack inside the velcro pocket and turned on the switch after I slid my arm in as shown above. I did this every day for about 10-15 minutes as I made dinner.

Before TarlEls

I guess I will let you be the judge on week 1 results. I see them! I actually notice a bit of toning happening already. Like I said I do some total body but actually this past week I fell off the at-home exercise bandwagon a bit due to a busy week so I was using these when I could not do my normal routine.

After 1 Week of TarlEls

OK! So maybe for you the real determination would be in actual measurements. I did that too! So, on April 11 my bicep area measurement was 11.6 inches. On April 20 my arm measured 11.2 inches. About 1/2″ improvement in almost 10 days. I’m happy!

You can order your set of TarlEl’s Arm Lift & Toner System at their Natural First Look website.

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