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Best Cooking Oil for Your Heart by Thrive

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With shelves of so many different oils at the store, how do you decide which oil to buy? Perhaps you go for anything that costs the least, but there are so many reasons to take your time and learn about the best cooking oils to buy that benefit your health. Cooking oil is the surface of many foods you create and making sure that you don’t take a healthy meal and add unhealthy fats just by using the wrong oils can make the difference in what you are really consuming by the end of the day. Thrive Culinary Algae Oil is one of the best cooking oils for your heart and I’ll tell you why.
Have you heard of Culinary Algae Oil? Probably not unless you have used this Thrive oil. It is the first on the market and so much better for you for a few reasons.
  • 90% (the highest level) of monounsaturated fat ie. good fat. Just 1 tbsp is the same as a whole avocado for good fat
  • 4% or 0.5G of saturated fat per serving-that is very low!
What do the numbers mean? When talking of monounsaturated fats (the good fats), where Thrive oil has 90% per serving, oils like canola, peanut and coconut have less than 65%. When talking about saturated fats (not-so-good fat), where this Thrive oil has 4% per serving, oils like  coconut, avocado and peanut have more than 11%. The proof is always in the numbers when it comes to nutrition.
Culinary Algae Oil best cooking oil


How does Thrive Culinary Algae Oil perform? It has a high smoke point and a light, natural flavor so it is great for cooking, sauteing, frying and baking. It will even do well in dressing and dip recipes.
Best Cooking Oil
How can you start using Thrive Culinary Algae Oil? If you live in the Los Angeles, Ca area you can find it in markets or go to and have it shipped right to you! A tall 16.9oz bottle will only cost you about $11.99 with around a $3 shipping fee. You will love the smoke point and many uses for you new ‘feel good’ cooking oil! I love the bottle design for gift giving!

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