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Best Buy helps you find the right SanDisk memory card for you

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Whether you have a flash drive or memory card in your back to school list or you are frustrated about the alerts on your phone or tablet saying you have insufficient space to download anything else, having extra memory serves so many functions. One of the most space sucking functions you can download are certain apps and videos. Do you know how to allow your device or even camera to accept more downloads? You have to create more available space and you can do that without deleting apps or videos you may have paid to download. 
Best Buy can help you decide which memory card is right for you with all of the SanDisk varieties available in store and online in their shop. Each memory card or stick option will not only allow you the storage space you need, some varieties bring you a higher quality image and best security for file downloads.
Point & Shoot Cameras

Best Buy has 22 SanDisk memory cards for most brands of point & shoot cameras. The standard size memory card for these are SDHC cards and there are other micro versions too. The difference between these 22 options is in the brand recommendations and storage size as well as performance. The blue cards are great for smaller files. If you just take pictures at random times for family fun and need to hold more memory these will work great for you. The Ultra memory cards have a higher read and write speed. If you hold higher quality and resolution images and take a lot of video using your camera then these will be your best option. The Extreme memory cards will help you with excellent video quality. A great choice for your GoPro and action shots. The Class 10 memory cards are for your highest quality. Not only is it great for your 1080p resolution videos, it offers protection from water for the waterproof camera and protects from Xrays and extreme temperatures and shock. 

Best Buy has 9 SanDisk memory options for tablets. You can find Ultra quality memory in sizes from 8GB of storage to 64GB. The more videos and media you use and need transferred or stored, the bigger the size you will need. Is it a table the younger kids use and you monitor the amount of apps, an 8GB or 16 GB will give you plenty of space! Are you an Engineering student or dedicated gamer? The 64GB will be your best choice. In fact, if you are a student or require storage of large downloads and files as well as videos and programs, I would choose the other tablet memory SanDisk option which is the Extreme memory cards for best performance and quality in videos.
Mobile Phones

There are 7 SanDisk memory card options to add more space to your mobile phone. The Class 10 Ultra memory cards and Extreme memory cards. Again the Ultra offers great quality if your average use for typical apps and videos. The Extreme will offer the highest of quality for high end apps and large documents/files stores on your phone for business or school.
Best Buy helps you choose the best SanDisk memory card for these devices and more! Find out which options are best for your computer, MP3, DSLR camera, Laptop and wireless flash drives! SanDisk has been providing you more quality and storage since long before we became a technology driven society. SanDisk allows you to record more 4K Ultra HD and Full HD video and transfer speeds up to 60MB/s for your devices. Best Buy has also been there to offer us support and find our best options for all electronics with highly trained staff. Of the last 5 big purchases-my Mac, MacBook, iPad Air, XBOX One and DSLR camera-all were bought at Best Buy because they either price matched or had the best rewards return.
You or your child will need some sort of storage going into the new school year either at home or as recommended for school use. You can easily waste money on one that does not offer them the quality they need and will buying another one before the school year ends. So if you need more memory or your student is required a flash drive, visit Best Buy to get the help you’ll need in deciding the best option for you or your child. Visit the SanDisk memory options at Best Buy.

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