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Best Bath Toy: Yookidoo Musical Duck Race

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Musical Duck Race
I can’t remember, is bath time our time or the child’s time? I love bath time and now that my son is older, he asks for one everyday and always has. He is 7 now and still has his toys all over in there, but as he was younger I could actually bring in laundry and get it all folded, clean a bathroom and wash floors without interruption. Now that he is older we have asked why insists on a bath everyday, I tell him he can take one every other day if he wants unless he really plays hard. He tells me it is his ‘quiet time’. So, at 7 he has already learned that a warm bath is the perfect “me” time.
Keeping a young child occupied in the bath is a must or they become bored very fast. Having toys like the Yookidoo Musical Duck Race is the perfect interactive, busy toy that makes bath time fun.
Bath Toy Features


Musical Duck Race Features
  • Water Circulates Through The Fountain While Playing Musical Effects
  • Four Mischevious Ducks Race Around The Fountain As Music And Fun Sound Effects Play
  • Nine Sound And Water Effects (And Mute Buttons For Parents!)
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