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Best Baby Toy from Yookidoo Review

I was sent sample for feature

Baby's R Us Image of Yookidoo ball
With so many baby toys on the market it can be overwhelming when shopping for the best picks for your child. We like toys that will actually be played with so it has to be engaging and grow with baby too. I found one toy that is a must have for several reasons that I wanted to feature as a best baby toy from Yookidoo. I show you in the video and tell you below why there is so much to this toy for baby.
To start, you have the actual construction of the toy. It is round, like a ball and that is always enticing to a baby and toddler. Next you have many textures for baby. There is a softer plastic, cotton and other fun feels and textures that are engaging for baby during the first stages of play and grip.
Infant Toy Yookidoo
The colors on the Yookidoo toy are very dramatic for baby as well. With polka dots, solids and stripes around the ball to the color contrasts. You have pastels and bright colors as well as the primary hues. There is also a hook feature so the ball can hang for baby.
The action of the ball is engaging for baby and toddler. Whether you grip, shake or bounce the ball it makes sounds. There is music and lights as well as other fun sounds.
Fun Ball toy Yookidoo
When shopping for toys, you have to think like an infant and less like a parent. Well, I take that back! You will have yourself in parent mode when you search for that all important feature-an off switch! Yes, this toy has one! Baby’s want texture and color when young and as they grow the lights and sounds become just as engaging for playtime. So this toy fits all of the features your young child wants.

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