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Best Baby Toy for Tummy Time from HABA

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Little Frog Water Play Mat tummy time
My youngest is seven but I remember the tummy age! That was one of the hardest play stages I can remember. Once they learn to roll and scoot, but before they learn to crawl or walk they are so close to getting where they want but instead have to stay put. They don’t like that. They see things and want to move but can’t quite get places on their own yet. It was the stage my son was most needy and fussy. Having toys that occupied him on tummy as well as his back was crucial to keeping him entertained. I wish I had one of the best infant toys for tummy time from HABA: The Little Frog Water Play Mat.

Water Play Mat tummy time
My first thought was whether this play mat would be sanitary. When it lays on the floor, susceptible to dog paws and drool I want these toys to be easily cleanable. This one is. You can separate the toy section from the fabric and wash! The plastic that holds the water and floatable pieces is very thick and durable.

HABA tummy time

This frog is full of color, floating pieces and personality. With flappy feet and hands as well as side tags, there is so much for baby to feel and grab. HABA has always brought brilliant ideas to baby toys and this is yet another one!

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