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Best Alarm Clock For Kids From Witti Design

I have partnered with Witti Design for this feature


Best Alarm Clock For Kids From Witti Design

Welcome to early mornings and back to school routines. In my home I start 2 weeks prior to back to school which means this is the week I started changing my son’s bedtimes. In the summer he goes to bed at 10 pm. At age nine I want him in bed at 8:30 so he can read a book, listen to some songs before hopefully ready to fall asleep at 9pm. I start with 9:30pm bedtime this week and 9pm next week and eventually he will go in at 8:30 for that rest before sleep time. This year he asked me for an alarm clock. He is up in plenty of time but I guess it is cool to finally operate your own clock in the fourth grade! So he has the BEDDI Charge from Witti Designs and in my opinion, is the best alarm clock for kids.


This is more than just an alarm clock. It is a night light and charger too. You can set a night light color or have it roll through colors on its own in a mood light function.


There are 3 USB ports so you can charge 3 devices at the same time. The cords for his tablet, Nintendo DS and fit watch are all beside him and it helps him remember to throw it all on a charger before bed each night. As he gets older these charging ports will be used so much especially when he gets to the age of his own phone. This is an alarm clock to grow with and then take to the dorms or apartment living where you need that charging access with a clock and light.


Witti Designs has many products that are made with this same convenience in mind. See them all on the Witti Designs website.

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