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Berry Breeze for fresh and clean food in your refrigerator

This is a promotional post for Berry Breeze

There is nothing worse than standing at the grocery store to fill your basket with fresh fruits and vegetables all while knowing you will have to throw half of them out in a few days. Just today I went shopping. I had recently cleaned out the fridge and threw a large bag half empty of carrots away because they went bad. My teen says, can you buy carrots I’ve been craving them-ugh! Why can’t I just buy all the veggies he likes and have them stay fresh until he changes his mind every few days? This is where Beery Breeze can now help us out!

The benefits of Berry Breeze
  • Naturally kills odors
  • Naturally kills molds, yeast and fungi that spoil food
  • Neutralize bacteria & other harmful microbes
  • Maintain foods freshness for better nutritional value
  • Saves money by not tossing spoiled food as soon
  • Certified for use in organic production with USDA Organic Standards
  • Eliminates spoiled food odors
  • Uses clean, activated Oxygen
Berry Breeze makes a great gift for any cook or family. Safe to use and keeps the healthy foods alive and fresh longer!

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