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Benefits of drinking tea versus coffee

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Benefits of Tea
For as long as I can remember I have called myself a coffee drinker. We have 2 different brewing appliances for our coffee. My husband likes his black and I like mine flavored. This year I started focusing more on buying and cooking natural and organic and learning how to eliminate foods full of preservatives and artificial ingredients. One morning it hit me that perhaps I should start to drink tea. I began to find some benefits to drinking tea versus coffee. The reason I drink coffee is because I need the caffeine, however I do not actually like the taste of coffee. I end up adding flavored creamers and sugars and now that plain cup of coffee is loaded with sugar and other ingredients. If the caffeine is what I want and flavors are what I need I can get a better benefit from teas. I do not like artificial sweetened teas, but have come to like many hot teas.
Making the switch from coffee to tea was actually a bit of a lesson. I had not given much thought to different brands of teas and would find I accidentally drank caffeinated teas before bed. I have also bought teas that I did not enjoy the taste of so I was adding sugars and the purpose was to get the flavor without added sugars like I had been doing with my coffee. I am at that point now where I have found the brands I will only buy because the flavor is perfect and I do not need to add extra sweeteners. Davidson’s Organics Teas are full of great natural flavors and I love the variety.
The Natural Flavors in Tea
There is nothing wrong with coffee especially if you buy coffee that is made from known sources and with natural coffee beans from safe farms and locations. However,  if you find yourself adding spoonfuls of sugar and sweetened creamers, consider the less calories with the same benefit from tea. You can find teas like Davidson’s that are organic, fair trade certified, non GMO and kosher. Paired beside an average brand of coffee and tea is the better option for your health by far.
Davidson's Organic Tea Logo
About Davidson’s Organic Teas
Since 1976, Davidson’s has been blending spices into teas and gifts. Throughout the years, they have maintained their standards of offering quality infusions and a respect for nature. You will not find GMO’s, pesticides or non-permitted ingredients in your cup of Davidson’s Organics tea. Your cup of tea comes from responsible farms around the world such as India, China, Eastern Europe to name a few. This is how they can offer such a great variety of spices and flowers in their teas.
I chose a few of their flavors that stood out to me-Caffeine-free Lemon, Hibiscus Flower, Classic Chai and Jasmine Flower. I love Jasmine and Hibiscus and these teas do not disappoint. In fact, they beat out the flavors in what I thought was good in a brand I like to use. When drinking a lot of coffee, I started backing off by ordering dirty chai teas which is a chai tea with shots of espresso. The Davidson’s Classic Chai Tea tastes great and is not too sweet like others I have tried.
Loose Leaf Tea
There a lot of small changes we can make in this new year to take healthy steps and many do not truly effect our daily structure. If you are into starting with small changes, try cutting out all the sugars in your coffee and switch to an organic tea. When you find a good brand like Davidson’s Organics then you will will not need those added sugars and sweeteners with your cup of caffeine any longer.
Visit Davidson’s Organic Teas and see all of their great varieties including gift sets. All items are available through their site store.
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