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Benefits From Traditional Squat Exercises Can Happen At Home

People with small children at home, and seemingly endless household maintenance tasks, should feel good about one thing. Multiple opportunities for squatting down during daily tasks mimics one of the most important exercises that fitness enthusiasts perform in the gym.

Benefits From Traditional Squat Exercises Can Happen At Home
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The traditional squat exercise normally requires a heavy barbell placed on the shoulders. From there, a person lowers their body until their upper legs are parallel with the floor. Pressing out of this position activates the majority of leg muscles, engages the elusive core muscles, and increases maximal oxygen flows throughout the body. In short, the squat is a basic movement that has incredibly powerful influence on fitness and health.

Squat Basics

Most people do not realize that they perform squats each day. Every time a mom raises her child from the floor, she has the opportunity to do a health-enhancing squat repetition. Lifting groceries from the porch steps requires the same muscle activation as a squat in the gym.

The reason most people do not feel the benefit of natural squatting is that they do not move properly. The most natural movement for a human being is standing upright. A forceful pressing by the legs toward a flat surface makes the glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and hip muscles raise the torso. In the gym, people add weight to this natural motion in order to build and tone their lower bodies. Similar results can happen with normal daily activities if the squatting motion is done correctly.

Beneficial Squatting

The key to squatting effectively for health is being mindful of your movement. If you need to lift a load, always have your feet about shoulder width apart. With powerful upward momentum, use your hips and legs to lift the load, instead of always using arm and lower back muscles. It is possible to perform hundreds of textbook gym squats each day with only normal activity.

Getting used to performing a beneficial squat naturally can be difficult. Sometimes, helpful stability tools can teach a person about proper standing, lifting, and body positioning. One tool for this is the Smart Squat. It is a simple platform that helps people position their bodies properly for squatting, and promotes the ideal way to use force in the legs. Best of all, it can be used at home at a personal pace.

Squatting has always been considered one of the “big three” exercises for athletes. People with busy schedules should understand that squatting is inspired by natural motions. Learning to squat the right way for noticeable body improvement can be relatively simple. It only requires the desire to be more fit, and the smart choice to use a few fitness tools.

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