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BeltaPouch with BeltAway for a slim belt and storage

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My family and I love to travel and if we cannot leave town, we get stir crazy on the weekends and are always looking for markets and festivals to attend for the day. When you are traveling or walking a town with children, you understand how full your hands can get. Even when we get away without the kids, I want to have certain items on me like my money, cards, ID, cell phone and maybe some discount coupons or tickets and I hate carrying a bulky purse all day. I have some pouches that I wear like a purse but are a lot smaller and lightweight. Those worked a lot better until I discovered BeltAway with the BeltPouch.

BeltAway is the belt that you can get in different colors, wideness and for men or women. What is so great about this belt is you do not get the back bulge and the buckle is slim so you hardly can tell you are wearing a belt! It is a flat elastic belt that is comfortable and easily adjustable. It contours to your body for a low profile belt that stays in place. 
What makes BeltAway even more amazing is that you also buy the BeltPouch to go with it. This pouch will store your items you need to take along with you and you stay hands free without straps across your shoulder. These are for men or women and are slim, not bulky. Whether you are traveling or heading out for a run, these removable pouches can attach to that slim, contoured BeltAway belt and you have all you need at your hip.
These make excellent gift ideas for everyone on your list! Find a color and style that’s right for you!

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