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BelliVita Review: These Belly Bowls are Shaping Memories

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Belli Vita

Belly Bowls are shaping memories

If you are a Mom, you know how precious those pregnancy moments were. OK, some of you may not have had healthy pregnancies and perhaps you couldn’t wait to be un-pregnant but the memories are sweet regardless. It was your child’s first growth spurt! We have hand prints and photos depicting the stages of our child’s growth. The only memento of the very first growth stage in the womb is a blurred ultrasound photo. Imagine a piece of art shaped from your belly at pregnancy filling your home with memories of that first stage of life. Then imagine how precious it is to share with your child when they are older what the bowl they have been staring at and told NOT TO TOUCH all of their first years represents. How special for them to walk into a room many times a day and see their belly bowl. I wish I could go back and have made a cast of my belly for my son. I would have not missed that chance for anything!

I am so honored to tell you about BelliVita as they are a local company to me here in Seattle and have won the support of so many mothers including celebrity parents. I had first heard of BelliVita when watching an episode somewhere and loved how much care and precision they put into this art product of theirs. As I read more, I discovered they have been on many shows and that must be why I had heard of this before.Local news programs on the west coast and even the Hallmark Channel have promoted BelliVita.

Hear from Laura Marie-Owner & Artist of BelliVita

You can customize your Bowl

You want a bowl of your belly, so now what? You will be sent a cast (or if you live near Seattle, you can go to the studio). Laura will even travel to some US cities to make these bowls available to all who desire them. Once you have the cast done, she will need some information. You can choose colors, depth of bowl, edging and material such as hand-painted porcelain or blown glass. You can hang them on the wall and BelliVita has appropriate hangers for you or display on a table. You can even order a shaped vase. 

Self-casting comes in a kit sent to you. The kit comes with everything you need and is mess-free. It is about a 30-45 minute process and once dry it will remove easily and pain-free from your skin. Mail them the cast-it is light and easy to mail and wait for a contact so you can customize your bowl. That’s it!

Start by visiting

This makes the most amazing shower gift! Showers are held late pregnancy and by gifting a memory like this will be priceless for Mom and baby. Pull your family members together or the office staff to let mom-to-be know that together her memories of this first stage of baby’s growth will never be too forgotten. 

This is a sponsored post. Any opinions are my own.

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