Benefits of having a Health Savings Account or HSA – Giveaway

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Do you have a Health Savings Account (HSA)? Do you understand exactly what an HSA is? A Health Savings Account is a personal bank account to help you save and pay for covered health care services and qualified medical expenses. It is the most common health care accounts of the 3 you can hold. The other two accounts are a Flexible Spending Account or FSA (an employer owned account, but your money to help you pay for covered health care services and eligible medical expenses) and a Health Reimbursement Account or HRA ( just like an FSA but owned by your employer and money is your employers deposits).


It is important that you don’t go another year without understanding these health accounts because you could be missing out on a huge peace of mind when it comes to being prepared for out-of-pocket costs that do or can occur. No one is immune to accidents and in any situation one can occur leaving you with costs you had not set aside. Perhaps you already pay out of pocket for covered medical expenses.

health savings account security

Here is your chance-in a tax-free HSA account owned by you and if you don’t use the money you had put there it rolls over. UnitedHealthcare wants to help you learn about all of the benefits of a Health Savings Account. I have an FSA with my husbands employer and it has helped us out tremendously. We have a certain money automatically withdrawn from his paycheck and deposited and when I have copays or medications I swipe our FSA card, not my debit. FSA’s are common ONLY if our employer offers it, but an HSA account is one you can start right now by following some easy steps.


The Giveaways (please read carefully):

UnitedHealthcare and myself really want to stress the importance of learning all about the benefits of starting an HSA account, so here is the incentive. Just head to the UnitedHealthcare HSA 101 Engagement Page and take a short learning quiz THEN take a short Quick Care Quiz to be entered to win several prizes.

The prize breakdown:

  1. UnitedHealthcare has 2 engagements: HSA 101 and Quick Care Quiz Each engagement offers a $100 weekly prize winner and a $500 monthly winner. You can enter each engagement daily.
  2. Parenting Healthy (that’s me) is offering a $100 Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card prize. To enter you just need to complete 2 of the engagements PLUS use the promo code: ParentingHealthy on the submit page where it asks you for a code. Plus I will have other entries including daily entries. ENTER ON WIDGET BELOW for my giveaway

*TIP: You can come back each day-complete the engagements again each day for daily entries on all of our prizes.

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