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Bees on the Roof Children’s Middle-Grade Book

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Bees on the Roof

by: Robbie Shell

Bees on the Roof is a great middle-grade read for the middle schooler. The characters of the story are 7th graders competing for the science fair with other classmates. Sam gathers a “Bee Team” as he decides to put a beehive of 60,000 bees on the rooftop of the hotel and restaurant his Dad works at. Like any team of middle schoolers, there will be plenty of drama on the road to the finish line for the science fair.


The book is loaded with cliffhangers, witt and a lot of facts about bees, beekeeping, pollination  and Colony Collapse Disorder. The projects faces failure several times and runs into several issues of being on a hotel roof. In the end the life of a pastry Chef’s son and the lessons about bee colonies, comes together. You end with a greater respects for bees and the impact that their potential extinction can have on the environment. My son is 8 we began to tackle the book anyhow. Some of the big kid drama is above him, but there are enough facts and lessons on bees that he is intrigued.

Visit and find the book on Amazon as well. Makes a great stocking stuffer for the holidays.

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