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Bee Simulator – An Educational Co-Op Video Game Where You Become the Bee

When video games teach something and allow for role-play, as a parent they become an instant favorite. Christmas is over and if the kids got new game consoles and need games that you approve of, Bee Simulator is just the game!

More about Bee Simulator as a game

By ARSAV Game Studios, Bee Simulator allows YOU to become the bee. The setting: Central Park. The Goal: complete missions from the Queen Bee and keep your colony healthy. Also, the humans are taking trees and threatening all bee populations so you need to make your presence!

Bee Simulator is beyond adorable and exciting for the players. You can play with friends or family in three game modes, including co-op and PvP on split screen (up to 4 players on dedicated maps.). It is rated E (for everyone).

The game is available for XBox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC (Windows 7). It retails for $39.99. Available on Amazon, GameStop and find the trailer and more information at BeeSimulator.com.

Christmas is over, but Valentine’s and birthdays are coming ahead in the new year and this game is a fun new hit!

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