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Bedding Gifts for Kids and Adults from Protect-A-Bed

I have partnered with Protect-A-Bed for this feature in the #HolidayGiftGuide and received product

Bedding Gifts for Kids and Adults from Protect-A-Bed

Bedding Gifts for Kids and Adults from Protect-A-Bed

Here we are again. Another holiday season and lists of loved ones to shop for. Let me share some bedding gifts for kids and adults from Protect-A-Bed.

The 4 Box Gift Limit

This year we changed our holiday shopping up for our youngest-the last one left at home. I am following in my brother and SIL footsteps in the way they shop for their 3 boys. 4 boxes with a gift in each: something they want, something they need, something that teaches and something to read. Three of those boxes are self-explanatory but in the box of something they need is sometimes a few things. Underwear, jacket or room decor/new bedding.

I have not decided yet on what I will put in Anthony’s ‘need’ box this season but had I not updated his bedding for back to school I would have been doing it for the holidays.

Better Bedding = Better Sleep 

Anthony has always been a child that requires very little sleep so it is a priority of mine to make sure the sleep he does get is quality and comfortable. I cannot emphasize enough the difference in his sleep when last spring we bought him a new mattress and kids quality pillow. I did this after investing in quality bedding and a Sleep Number bed for my husband and I and instantly had better sleep. Bedding was the key and if it helped my husband and I we knew it would help our son with his own quality sleep.

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Since the start of this school year as he entered grade 4, he began sleeping in the Crisp Hypoallergenic Tencel® Lyocell Sheets. What a fancy name for a child! But because we also started using this sheet set on our own bed it made sense to offer him the same new comfort.

These sheets come with a fitted, flat sheets and 2 pillow cases and in ivory, white, grey and blue in different sizes to fit your bed. On the Protect-A-Bed website I learned that 100% Tencel lyocell fabric has natural origins with soft, smooth fibers for sensitive skin, and is hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and inhibits bacteria growth. What does this mean? My son does not overheat in summer and body heat stays under control for warmth in the winter. Plus I trust that the little boy body residue is not creating a bacteria pool within the sheets. These sheets are easy to clean and will last him a long time. Anything to inhibit bacteria in a growing boy is essential after raising 2 older stepsons, trust me!

My new pillow 

Oh and I have my own new fun besides these same quality sheets. I have a pillow that has proven a blessing in getting me through a sleep with less neck pain from my slipped discs and shoulder nerve pain I get. The Protect-A-Bed Snow Cooling Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam Fill.

Poor pillows and position is the number one cause of my neck and shoulder pain. I have had constant relief of pain with this pillow. I am so grateful for that it was sent to me and if you need a gift idea this season for someone you know cold use a quality pillow (which is just about everyone at any age), I can highly recommend this pillow. It truly performs. Visit Protect-A-Bed for more great gift ideas for the entire family.

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