Become The Da Vinci Of Make Up Artists


Art is a subjective term, and one which divides people the world over. If you wonder about that, just visit an art gallery with someone who’s a traditionalist. They may purr approvingly at the da Vinci paintings and nod at the classic sculptures, but they’ll boil with rage at the Jackson Pollock. And when they get to the installation art, they’ll be about ready to make their own artistic statement with a golf club.
Many of the same people will outright deny that certain art forms are even art. Poetry that doesn’t rhyme? Pretentious! Jazz music? They’re just making it up as they go along! Dadaism? Come on now, that’s just garbage! And then tell these people that you’re a make up artist. Once you’ve peeled them off the ceiling, explain to them that yes, it’s actually a thing and it takes a great deal of skill.
Image Source: Pixabay
Yes, there is a difference between a make up artist and someone who just puts on their own make up, or helps others do so. It’s not the case that one can’t become the other though. If you find that you’re good at doing your make up – and your friends are always asking you to do theirs – then why not? You can make a career from it, because a good make up artist will always be in demand.

Make up professionals can find work in a wide range of areas. There are weddings all the time in towns and cities, and brides, bridesmaids and others who know there will be photographs. Those pictures will be placed in albums, framed and put on walls and may end up in newspapers. They’re going to last forever, or close to that, so people will want to look good.

Make up artists will also be in high demand in the movie and TV industries. It may seem daunting but particularly if you have a bit of experience behind you these can be a great step up. The days where local TV had minimal production values and looked cheap are gone. We’ve had technological advances including High Definition. Sadly the one thing that hasn’t changed is that the camera is unforgiving.

Some makeup is designed specifically to look good on camera. The Kryolan Professional make up line is made to ensure that the unforgiving effects of the lights and camera are counteracted. With the right makeup items in your kit, you’ll be best equipped to do a job that turns heads (or stomachs, if you’re working in horror movies!). Whether it is for an indie film or the A-List, onscreen make up really needs the artist’s touch.

Great make up jobs of our time may never end up in galleries, but with every event that happens these days now recorded for posterity, your work will live. There’s always something going on – proms, weddings and fashion shows – and when word gets around you’ll find it can be lucrative. So get the right equipment and see where it takes you. You might find it’s further than you ever dreamed.
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