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Beat the Heat with Unilever Treats #IceCreamRun

This is a sponsored post for Unilever on behalf of Global Influence

The pacific NW here in Washington State has been exceptionally hot this summer. It is not as normal as other parts of the country for homes to have built-in AC and when it heats up our homes get hot! The worst part about summer heat is the evenings! When it is this hot, cooking indoors is out because your home becomes an oven and we are left being the ones cooked. Trying to unwind and get to bed is impossible as we are left feeling sluggish. Cool baths after dinner are common and staying up late because it is too hot to sleep is a battle you can’t win with the kids! However, our ice cream man obviously does not feel my pain as every hot day around 10am (too early for ice cream in my home), he drives by and never again for the rest of the day. The kids often start asking why he doesn’t come around at dessert time and I really cannot answer that. You would think he’d be more successful with an evening on a hot day ice cream drive by. What I learned this summer was I needed to keep my own freezer stocked with ice cream. It is my go to when the heat starts getting to the boys come evening.

Coming home with these Unilever treats on a hot day makes for some happy kids and that makes Mom happy too! For about what the ice cream truck charges for one or two popsicles, I can get the whole box. Walgreen’s is the closest store to me so when I realize it will be a hot one and my ice cream stash is low, I head just down the road to Walgreen’s and stock up. Many times there are coupons I can load onto my Balance Rewards card at home so I save when I get there, but even at regular price you can’t beat the benefits! My boys like the Klondike and Popsicle brand and I crave the Magnum bars. We bought an air conditioner that is set up in our bedroom upstairs so on the hottest nights we allow the youngest to camp out in our room. We take our treats upstairs, turn on our TV, shut the door to trap the coolness and hunker down in the bedroom for the night to stay cool.
When you need to beat the heat, don’t wait around for the random ice cream truck drive by’s! Save money and keep your freezer stocked with the Unilever varieties available at your local Walgreen’s
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