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Bambo Nature Diapers

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When baby arrives and for years afterwards you want gentle and allergen-free products. You know these products mean less irritation and if you or your spouse or even the both of you have allergies there is a good chance baby suffers too. Natural remedies is searched in Google very often by parents because we want to avoid chemicals and toxins. Bambo Nature Diapers, Training Pants and Wipes have provided just that for over 25 years!

Bambo Nature diapers are dermatologically tested, environmentally friendly and manufactured from pulp from sustainable forests. They offer the perfect fit based on measurements and years of feedback from users. They are comfortable and free to move in as they are thin yet highly absorbent. The 3 layer design draws moisture away from skin so baby feels dry even after multiple wettings. The side panels are flexible and breathable. 
I love how soft these are! They feel better on the skin than any diaper I have held. Baby will stay dry and comfortable day and night! Allergies and skin irritations will not be common using these diapers where other diapers may cause these symptoms.
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