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Balls and Bubbles for Summer Fun

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I was sent product from the following brands. Opinions are my own

Summer fun

Your BBQ’s and Camping site will be a hit with the kids with these fun, new summer toys. Zing has become a well known brand in our home and they know how to create fun. With balls that bounce high enough to amaze and making bubbles with your hands the kids will be occupied so you can socialize.

The young kids (an even the older ones too) will be entertained for quite a while as they turn their hands into bubble wands. It is the Glove A Bubbles and they come in fun animal characters. You may want 1 for each hand per kid and really watch them get excited!

It is real easy and all you need is included. As you open the package you get a glove and a pouch. Set the pouch on a flat surface (the patio or deck works) and they dip and run and wave their arms. Tip: this is a great before-nap activity because they will be worn out.

This is a ball. Seems simple until you bounce it. Find some pavement and the kids can essentially stand a house or 2 apart on the block because it bounces that far. But the best part is that it doesn’t bounce and then go wacky all over the place. Once they get the hang of it they get a true long distance bounce right to each other. This is great basketball skill practice. The hand-eye coordination makes a fun drill with a ball.

Stock up and be the hit home this summer for the kids.

Connect with Zing: Visit the Zing website and follow on Facebook and YouTube

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