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Balloon Time Your Gifts for a personal touch

I was sent product for feature

This Valentine’s Day I did something different, instead of plain colored, red gift bags for the boys treats I Balloon Timed their goodies. The great thing is I can sit right on my bedroom floor and do this in minutes using the Ballon Time tank I picked up at Walmart in the party supply section for under $25. It comes with several helium balloons and the ribbon so I didn’t even need to buy a those. I just grabbed some goodies, the Ballon Time tank and a graphic balloon for a fun touch.
Filling is very easy. Just 3 steps. It really makes it so much fun for the kids. I think my son expected to be handed a small bag of candy and when I called him upstairs and he saw the balloon display it was so exciting for him. 

Here is the easy way to Balloon Time a gift-skip the wrapping paper and just tie or tape balloons. It really does create a great display that they have to sit back and take in a bit! Sure, you can wrap the gifts then attach balloons and I plan to do that at Birthdays and Holidays, but for small event like Valentine’s, a good report card or other celebrations then adding this touch is so simple. You can store the tank in a safe place for further use, but it is not refillable so you can just safely discard once empty. You’ll get plenty of balloon fills from this tank.

You’ll love more Balloon Time Party Ideas they have featured. Go check them out!

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