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Ball Pets Friends and Fun #HolidayGiftGuide

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#HolidayGiftGuide, Toys, Kids
Nothing makes a child engaged with their plush toys then when it can interact with them. Our youngest is the biggest plush fan and collector. The older boys were not into plush and stuffed animals much, but the youngest makes up for both of their lack of interest. His newest friend is his Sunny the Puppy Ball Pet. One more plush for his bed that is so full of friends, there is hardly room for him to sleep! He takes his ball pet with him when he wants an animal and toy to keep entertained. Sunny the Puppy rolls into a ball and can be tossed or rolled around. 
#HolidayGiftGuide, Toys, Kids
About Ball Pets
  • 6 pets available: Bear, Puppy, Dragon, Unicorn, Red Puppy and Kitty
  • Can be cleaned by hand and air dried
  • Available in stores and online
Great holiday gift idea for:
  • Any gender child
  • The independent child who loves to interact with plush/dolls
  • The active child who likes versatility in their toys
  • Day Care provider for playtime

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