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Balanced Body Pilates Education and Equipment for At-Home Workouts

Balanced Body Pilates Education and Equipment for At-Home Workouts

Whether you are just discovering pilates or are a veteran, Balanced Body is definitely where you want to start. The beginners pilates basics is always the best place to start no matter what program you decide to use. It is so important to have the right form to avoid injury and to have the right accessories available as you start to widen the varieties of pilates moves you can use for health. Pilates is a mind-body workout. It is about movement for health – physical and mental. Balanced Body has equipment, education and classes in one spot.

Pilates resistance ring

I have my home gym complete and in my pilates/toning corner, I have several Balanced Body products that have drastically enhanced my home workout routine. I love cycling on my exercise bike and then I move to the floor for toning and yoga or pilates.

The Balanced Body Rotator Discs allow me to focus more on stability and joint support which I need for my shoulders. Because I use these for upper body, it recommend you choose a low resistance disc like I have. I use my Balanced Body Pilates Ultra-Fit Circle Mini (also available in larger/higher resistance) for my workouts as a beginner for light resistance with a spring-like band. It also comes with a free video training guide.

Pilates Arc

The Pilates Arc is fantastic for Intermediate and Advanced Pilates workouts. It is very light and used to alter your floor workout at home or the gym. It is so versatile you can use it as a step or support on the floor. Just see these videos using an Arc in workout or therapy on all of the ways this will add more to your workout.

Pilates workouts

Once you visit Balanced Body at, you enter a world of information, sources and a great shop with so many equipment pieces and accessories for workouts or therapy. Visit The Core -their online magazine/blog with topics. Visit the shop for great products and their pilates education and pages are loaded with information to get started with a routine. You’ll find workouts, mindful movements and work break movements to get you started in their online classes. Let’s get moving!

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