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Bailey Bloom and the Battle of the Bug Empowers Children to Help Others

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Bailey Bloom and the Battle of the Bug Empowers Children to Help Others

Bailey Bloom and the Battle of the Bug by Jill Rosensweig

The virus! It is the highlight of our year and one that has affected everyone. Even if you may not have been directly affected in health, perhaps you have by isolation, social emotional health, or other situations. We kind of stopped all together and with our kids too. I am amazed how well our children have handled this pandemic and they will remember this for the rest of their lives.

Some children have had to grow real fast in self motivation for school and resilience in adapting differently. This children’s book released in July is about a group of children who found a way to help others in need during COVID.

In Bailey Bloom and the Battle of the Bug, Bailey Bloom loves to play superheroes with her two best friends, Zoey and Rose. The three girls dream of a day when they can fly through the air, saving princesses in far-off lands. But when the girls learn that Coronavirus is spreading through their town, they quickly realize that they already have what it takes to be real-life superheroes as they help those in need.

You and your children will get so much out of this warm book from friendship, kindness and resilience. Throughout the story of these girls, it allows us to open discussions with our children about Coronavirus, both in terms of what it is and how it is affecting them.

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