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Back to School with Chic Buds Fashion Audio & Charging Products

Back to School Feature
Chic Buds Fashion Audio Products

With your teen or college student off to school again, you may already know that gadgets and electronics have made their way to supply lists for classes. They store notes on their phones and files on their tablets and laptops. Carrying these devices around are taking place of loose papers and unorganized binders. The problem with relying on electronics is that they are only useful when they work. To need those notes ASAP or to log in and wirelessly print a document is impossible if that device has no battery life left and you cannot get to a charging station. There are many cafes and lounges that offer charging stations, but many times you show up to find someone else has it occupied. With Chic Buds products, you can charge your devices from anywhere. It is as easy as reaching into your clutch or purse and pulling out the cord. You get a bit of fashion with there products as well.

I am past the college years, but do travel a lot. Many times we are out wandering all day and I cannot get back to my room or a have a vehicle I can stop to charge my phone when the battery starts running low. I now have the Chic Buds Crossbody Power Purse. This lightweight purse will hold my cell, money and some products. Slid into this purse is a slim power bank. I can plug it in while I sleep and slip it back into my purse and use the power charger to plug my phone into as the battery gets low from anywhere. My phone is tucked inside my purse charging away so I can continue with what I am doing and enjoy my time without stopping to wait for a charge.


  • Built-in USB cords to charge the Crossbody and your device
  • Compatible with most smartphones/USB devices
  • 3000 mAh battery good for more than 1 full charge
  • Rechargeable battery is thin and hides into pocket of purse
  • Satin interior lining
  • Adjustable cross body strap

I love this purse and never need to worry about preserving my phone battery on a day I am away. I don’t need to find a spot to sit for hours while my devices charge either! If you have a teen or college student in your life that relies on their devices, thy will love having a purse that keeps them charged and ready to access at all times.

Chic Buds brings fashion to function with their audio and charging products that make great back to school gifts.

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