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Back to School Preparedness with Master Lock

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Back to School Preparedness with Master Lock
I have a 6 and 16 year old entering school this year. That means 1st and 11th grade! That is 2 totally different strategies for back to school preparedness for me. My youngest needs a few random items that are community items for the classroom. My oldest needs more specific items and sizes of folders, etc.. I can be 100% done with my youngest by day 1 of school, but with my oldest we tend to have to wait until those class syllabus’ come home with each teachers recommendations. One thing is consistent-that they need clothes for fall, backpacks, shoes and homework supplies. This is why I start early! Throughout the year I glance in clearance sections and pick up items as needed. This way it doesn’t all hit at once. Ever buy a pair of jeans for a teenager? It is about the entire back to school budget for my youngest spent on just one pair of jeans. I suppose, this is why we make sure we push for our teens to get a job! He has one so he can now contribute-yay!
Does your teen use his or her locker? Mine hardly does and if he gets one conveniently located and uses it, he never leaves his electronics inside. He likes to carry them around which brings 2 concerns to mind-having it ruined being inside his bag along with heavy books and the possibility of theft. Master Lock has been creating products since 1921 meant to keep our belongings safe and now they have some great products for your child’d back to school needs whether they use a locker or carry their items around.
More then half of all American’s have admitted to having an item stolen from them at school and cell phones is the most common stolen item. If your child uses a locker, Master Lock has items that will keep these safe. Their 1500eDBX dialSpeed lock offers your child a digital storage on the Master Lock Vault (similar to a ‘cloud’ for storage). It offers maximum security and has anti-shim technology. It cannot even be cut easily as it has a Boron carbide shackle. If your child carries items in their bag, the 5900D SafeSpace is perfect as it will not only prevent their valuables from being crushed by books and other contents in the bag with its durable water-resistant construction, but it also locks up and locks down. Shock absorbing foam lines the interior storage area. Phones, credit cards and cash can remain safe.
Master Lock Back to School Photo Game
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