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Back to School for Teens: The Pura Naturals cleansing products

This is a product review for Pura Naturals

Teens and skin health! It is the worst stage your skin will most likely be in. Teenage hormones love messing with your skin health. While your teen may be worried about all the back-to-school must haves while we try and separate their wants with needs, do not forget about their skin! Heading off to school with unhealthy skin does not leave a teen feeling the most confident. And as confident as your child may be in so many aspects, skin blemishes are just plain awkward. I had acne as a teen and hated it! I have all boys and talking to them about skin care is like talking to the wall. But, even the boys’ dislike skin blemishes. As much as our older boys don’t like to hear about it, when I buy the skin care products and leave them out they will use them right away and use them to completion! They may feel awkward talking facial skin care, but they do want that same confidence that healthy looking skin gives them. But how do we know what products won’t make their skin worse or contain harsh ingredients? 
Pura Naturals is a family-friendly product with a variety of skin cleansing products for all of your needs. It is easy to see why Pura Naturals was named top 10 Best Acne Solutions for Clear, Beautiful Skin by Syle Blazer. There are 9 face and body cleansing packs, 2 baby and 4 kitchen packs. On top of that, there is the new Activated Charcoal for acne problems. 

What is Pura Naturals?

Pura Naturals are cleansing sponges. Think pre-soaped washcloths or sponges that are reusable. You get the benefit of an exfoliating sponge with Level Naturals soap, botanicals and essential oils that are 100% gluten and vegan free. These soap-infused sponges activate when wet so you can use them on the go, in the shower or in baby’s bath! No more washcloths damp and dripping all over. You get 3 sponges in the skin care packs and each sponge is reusable itself. 
Pura Natural products are environmentally safe-made from plant-based renewable resources. There is no petroleum, adhesives, glues or latex. That makes these nontoxic and safe for all environments. The sponges are hydrophobic in that they do not promote bacteria growth. They have a pleasant and long-lasting scent. A great way to keep skin healthy and hydrated is to get rid of dead skin cells. You get the exfoliating benefit using this product. My favorite so far is the Active Citrus Zest. I love the scent and my skin feels great!

The best choice for Teens

The Activated Charcoal Pura Naturals sponges are a great choice for your teenager’s skin health. The activated charcoal combats skin toxins that cause breakouts. You may have seen this ingredient in skincare products as it is gaining popularity in many acne-fighting skin regimens. Activated charcoal is known to pull bacteria, poisons, dirt and other impurities to the skin’s surface. It is not absorbed into the body making it safe to use in skin products. This is the best product, in my opinion, from Pura Naturals to keep those teenage pores unclogged. Hand them Pura Naturals with their back to school items and begin to see the changes. I put an Activate Charcoal Pura Naturals sponge in my son’s shower and it gets used!
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Do have or have had a teenager in the home? Did they experience teenage skin woes?
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above products. Any opinions are 100% my own.

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