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I have a son who will be a Senior in High School next year and as a Junior, the topic of College admissions and campus visits began. The majority of his childhood he wanted to go into Criminal Justice, but him being the second teenager we have realized, they grow and change directions. Because it is not uncommon for teens to rediscover themselves, I really was not too surprised when out of the blue he says he wants to go into Engineering. He told me “…we live in Seattle and technology is all around us in this city and this degree can have me making good money…I don’t want to go to college and still have a job that has me living paycheck to paycheck..I want a degree I can use widely”. I embraced that and began those little nudges that as parents we need to keep our children focused and motivated, and began talking engineering and showing him articles.

So, when introduced me to their collection of engineering posters, this was a good fit for me to help further motivate my son and his new drive for wanting to become an engineer. Then I thought about dorm life so I typed engineering in the website’s search bar and the most amazing prints came up. My son will love these.

I didn’t even take the time to let him choose by himself, I found so many amazing prints and was graciously sent 3 prints to share with you.

Perhaps Engineering and Robotics bores you, but take a look! You will search any subject and get lost in the many choices. This is a great wall statement for any student to make as they explore their passions!

This print is titled Robotic Car Production Line for obvious reasons. This is the Albea model that is being painted with robotic arms in an automated production line at Severstal-Auto Car Factory in Russia. What Robtic major would not proudly hang this as a conversation piece?

This next print is titled Cybernetics Mechanical Design from their Bigstock line that also is a great abstract piece.

The last print my son was sent is titled Burst of Energy Forms into Powerful Beam of Light. As much as Engineering is not my thing, this is just the coolest capture. has posters, prints and specialty items such as pieces that can be a great fit for a student.

See all that they offer and have fun searching your favorite topic at

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