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Back to Roots DIY Herb Grow Kits

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With Mother’s Day (and spring) approaching, we all want a little time in our yards and gardens. I don’t mean the daunting tasks like lawn mowing and weeding, but the space in our front yards that all who pass by see and as Mom’s most of us want that clean and pretty appearance. But, what if Mom likes to garden and doesn’t have a garden space?

Not all properties or apartment life offers a space to do some garden and growing DIY. This is why Back to the Roots is a brilliant gift idea for Mom or a cook who likes an easy way to grow fresh herbs.

Right now I am growing mint and basil from the DIY Herb grow kits from Back to the Roots. From herbs and mushrooms to the new lavender and soon-to-arrive hemp grow kits you can feel satisfied when you successfully grow foods in the provided jars. You will grow them successfully because it is so easy!

I cannot wait for my Lavender Grow Kit to arrive and actually grow my own! I have a planter out back where I put lemongrass and lavender because mosquitos don’t like the sweet scented plants I keep them around the deck. It worked out well last year. They are available for pre-order!

Plus, each kit sold is part of the Grow One, Give One program supporting schools all across the country.

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