From Baby To Toddler: Things You Need To Be Thinking About

Nothing is quite as exciting as becoming a parent. The journey you are embarking on is one filled with emotion, happiness and a lot less sleep. But once you have gotten through the fog of those newborn days. You have come to terms with being a mother to a baby, it’s time to consider the next phase of their lives. When a baby turns into a toddler, some things do change. Of course, there are many milestones to look forward, but there are also some things to consider and decisions to make. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the things you should consider.


Taking care of those little teeth

Babies tend to start developing teeth from as young as six months. They grow over a period of time. This is where you try and get them booked into the dentist once a few have made their appearance. But it’s also the time you start to brush them regularly and introduce this routine to your child. While they are a baby, it’s easier to keep them clean. But as they get more independent they can sometimes gain a dislike to this. Don’t be discouraged, try and continually encourage them to learn how to do it. It’s also vital you keep up with regular check with your dentist. This is much easier to keep on top of for the whole family when you have a plan in place. You can gain some more information on

Encouraging communication

Once they enter the toddler years, those lovely “mama” and “dada” sounds become full words. This is when the excitement can kick in. There is nothing quite like the sound of your little one’s voice, telling you something they feel passionate about. Words become sentences, and then those sentences get strung together. It’s best to keep encouraging this communication and educate your child on new words as often as you can. It will help with their communication skills when they start school.

Keeping an enthusiasm towards food

During the toddler years is when most children develop an element of fussy eating. This can be hard for any parent to handle. Especially if they have been so good during the weaning stages. Try and remain upbeat and positive during meal times. A great tip would be to eat together and also try and develop and enhance favourite meals to include more good stuff. If you are after hidden vegetable recipes, then check out

Discipline and toddler tantrums

Finally, the toddler years tend to mean naughty behaviour from your child. This might be tantrums or not listening to instruction. This is when you need to consider the technique you want to use to discipline your child. It’s important to teach them what is right and wrong. Many parents consider things like the naughty step or time out. However, it’s always best to research different ideas to find the best one for you.
I hope this has given you an insight into the next stage of your child’s life.

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