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Baby Sleep Product – The Complete Sound Sleep Crib Cushi System

I was sent product for feature.

As parents we want the all-around best for our children and we take extra care in those first few years of their life. We are peace keepers, nurturers, problem-solvers, cooks, maids, laundry specialists and the decision-makers for our babies and toddlers. We buy books, read forums and research like the FBI to solve their problems or ailments. As a Mom, I can say that in the first few years of my son’s life my common concerns were sleep habits, safety and diet. Gwendolyn Krause is a Mother whom lives in the beautiful Hood River, Or. who also shared these concerns as she became a Mother. What makes her stand out is she took a common concern we all have and created a solution and that solution is called Suki Moon, LLC.
Suki Moon is the company behind the baby sleep product, the Sound Sleep Crib Cushi™ System. The Sound Sleep Crib Cushi™ is a complete system with the additional accessory of the sheet in 2 designs-for boy or girl. The problem it solves is a safer sleep by putting a barrier between baby and those thin crib bars and keeping baby or toddler in the center of the mattress without rolling out or rolling face first into the crib bumpers that can have suffocation dangers. It is a parents peace of mind for every nap and nightly sleep. 
I was sent the Complete Sound Sleep Crib Cushi™ System with the Opal Sound Sleep Crib Cushi Sheet. They also have a cradle option that fits the smaller cradle mattresses. It arrives in a tall box and when you first pull out the contents you see 4 foam inserts and a thick canvas cover. Set up is so simple and if you can find yourself a flat surface, you’ll have it together in minutes. The best part is that the shipment box is wrapped in a Suki Moon bag that then becomes your storage should you want to travel with the system. 
You will need the sheet sets as they are not designed like a standard crib sheet. These sheets are designed to fit over the sides and entire system and mattress for a snug fit that does not shift. I included the video you will want to watch as it really lets you get a visual for set up and the finished product as well as the materials used and their features.
I love the feel and quality of the canvas cover and Sound Sleep Crib Sheets. It is so effortless to put on. I gifted a friend of mine the set for her daughter and it was a hit. The best part is that it is so easy to take apart and set up that she is excited to use it in the trailer when they camp this summer. Her daughter’s bed is essentially the fold down table area of the trailer and now she can just grab the Sound Sleep System and plop it on that side and not have to worry that Miss I will roll off.

At set up, I’s older sister loved that new sheet feel and I think she wanted her crib back!

We put this together just as it became little I’s nap time and sleep went very well! When we put her in the crib is was very apparent that this system forces her to stay center but in a comfortable way. She slept a great length of time with no interruption to her sleep. 

What do you think?
You can get your set ordered today for your own child or perhaps as a gift to a new parent! 
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