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BA Star Mineral Eye Shadow gives you a super hold #Review and discount code!

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I was recently sent some BA Star Mineral Eye Shadow for review and immediately noticed just why it is stated to have a super hold! It came in a pouch that included the loose eye shadow and a Glue Base stick. I loved how easy the eye shadow went on over the glue and the shadow did its job staying in place.

I noticed that my finger worked best at applying the shadow. I could rub the loose eye shadow in and as I rubbed, it naturally covered all the surface of my eye lid. I also noticed that as a contact wearer, I get so irritated at eye shadows that drop loose particles in my eye. Many times I have put on makeup while I have contacts in and have to remove my contact and clean them because I have had the eye shadow fall into my eyes. I love that this shadow adheres to a glue and does not distribute those particles. The glue is not a “glue” in the sense that it is sticky and uncomfortable. It more resembles brushing a lip gloss or soft cream on your eye and even as it dries, it does not feel like glue. No stickiness, no residue and no discomfort at all. The shadow stays adhered and as I rub, it is difficult to come off so it serves its purpose of a super hold. Great for performers, athletes and everyday wear when re-applying eye make up throughout the day can be a bother . And right now I have a great discount they allowed me to provide to my readers! Think stocking stuffers!!

You can save 50% right now on this product! Stock up for the Holidays!
Just go to : BA Star Stardust Page and enter the code:

Disclosure: I was provided the above product for review. All opinions remain 100% my own.

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