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AZO Gummies for Urinary Tract Support

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This is a promotional post for Azo. Opinions are my own.

One of the most uncomfortable feelings you can have is the symptoms of a UTI (bladder infection)! There is no worse feeling. Thankfully, I have had one and it was years ago. I worked long hours in the medical field and too often I’d hold the sensation of using the rest room and found out that when you do that, your bladder can get mad at you! I had been told that Cranberries are a great supplement for your bladder, but just don’t always consume or have cranberry food or beverage products on hand. Their are juices but the sugar content is so high. AZO has always been a great source for OTC UTI products, but now they have a new product that is a great supplement for UTI sufferers or just to maintain general urinary tract healthy-AZO Cranberry Gummies.
About AZO Cranberry Gummies
  • 2 Gummies equal 1 glass of cranberry juice
  • Made with clinically proven Pacran – a whole fruit cranberry powder
  • Comes in mixed berry flavor
  • Helps flush & maintain urinary tract cleanliness
  • Available at major drug stores and retailers
To learn more and see all of the products offered by Azo, visit

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