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Awesome Kitchen Organization Products Induction

How are your kitchen cupboards? I would consider myself organized. I do not like clutter so I am good at tossing or donating what I am not using before I let it take up space any longer. But I still deal with crowded kitchen cupboards. I am always on the hunt for awesome kitchen organization products to help me out. I have several I use, but I will introduce you to 2 of them I use in my pots and pan cupboard.

Pan features

I was introduced to an induction pan a while back and tossed it into our RV to use when camping. Meanwhile my kitchen cupboards in my home were loaded with about 8 pans, lots of large pots and woks. I was able to condense after getting my hands on an induction pan for my home.

Because it is a high wall pan I can use it for one-pot meals, braising meats, frying meat and seafoods, make sauces and boil liquids. I can donate away at least 3 different pots and pans that separately do all I can do in 1 induction pan.

pan for all foods

If you are looking for a recommendation, the pan I use is the Kuhn Rikon Easy Induction Pan. You can find it online at Amazon or visit the brand’s website. An induction pan radiates heat evenly along all of its surface from the sides to the bottom of the pan. This is why you can even use it to boil liquids and make sauces. It really does multiple jobs in one product. That saves space. Or you can have what I used to have pictured below.


The next kitchen organization product I am now using are the Lid Master Lid Organizers. They come in 2-packs and I have more on order for my kitchen and RV. You can use this handy product to stack lids that stay in place, stack pans safely to avoid scratching. Have you attempted to stack lids? It is impossible. Now you can and I am in love with these.

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Look below! How awesome is that? Again, Amazon has these in stock and you can also visit the brands website. These are made by Frieling that offers fresh solutions like these.

Lid cupboard

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