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Awakening to God Today App Will Restore your Faith in Life

Review of app in coordination with FlyBy


When I was asked to review this app for my readers and share with you an 8 minute daily journey you can take with God I agreed because I already have this app. I found it several weeks ago. I grew up Catholic, went to Catholic school and as an adult I have not established church with my family. I feel guilty about that at times, however I do talk about God, read children’s Bible stories with my son and give him faith reminders often. This app called, Awakening To God Today is a fantastic start to restoring your faith.

I am given a daily verse, many I recognize from my years of religion studies in school or mass. Then I add a daily entry. First you upload a photo-maybe it is of your family, friends, pet or a screenshot of a quote you found.


At night I can revisit to complete my 8 minutes with God and will be asked how God may have touched my life that day and what more I could have done to reflect God’s love. This is where I make small commitments to myself about showing others love and kindness. Maybe you attend a bible or help group. Maybe you teach your children a verse or help a stranger with kindness.

The app seems so simple yet in our busy lives we need tools and reminders. It is fun to look back on past entries so the more you create the more you’ll have in the future to reflect back to. It’s a life journal of the positive moments. It is also a daily reminder to be kind and keep your faith alive. Give it a try. Download the app from

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