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Attention Car Racing Fans! Your details for joining Project Brabham

This is a promotional post for Project Brabham

Those that know me understand the passion for cars and racing in our home. With a husband as Regional Manager for a major Auto-retailer and a older son working for the same company and a huge race fan, I am so proud to have partnered with Brabham. This is such an amazing project and model and I am happy to step off my healthy parenting topics and speak to all the car geeks and racing fans out there because we are some of the proudest fans in my family.
What is Project Brabham

The UK Brabham racing team wants to come back to the motor racing circuit as a world-class racing team. Brabham wants to return in an open source racing model and your participation in the Crowd Funding support is the key to a sustainable team they will build. Their goal is to return to the track in the FIA World Endurance Championship next season as its first step to one day be a Formula 1 team.
Brabham does not want to bring just another team to the formula circuit, they want to bring engagement and add fire to their supporters imaginations. They want YOU to be a part of the team. 

How do YOU participate: the Brabham-Fan

The core of the Brabham Project will be openness and transparency. Fans will get special behind-the-scenes access, an array of inside knowledge about the team and it plans to highly inspire drivers and engineers from around the globe.
This is where the core of the projects plan starts. Brabham-Digital is their vast web application that will comprise of Brabham-Driver, Brabham-Engineers and you, the Brabham-Fan. You will live and breath the dynamic and sometimes struggles of creating, managing and sustaining a racing team. The Brabham-Fan will contribute with some collective thinking to discussions and decisions along the way. You will be kept informed on the investor search, driver selections and car building as it happens.
On race weekends, the Brabham fan is treated to race strategy, communications and behind-the-scenes footage.
The first supporters in Phase 1 will be rewarded with some perks as they come on board as Brabham supporters again. For as little as about $1, you can get from three years and up to lifetime access to one or all three of the Brabham-Digital web applications through the various Project Brabham crowdfunding packages at
Who becomes a Brabham-Fan?

You do! If you are a racing fan and want to know all of the technical dynamics of becoming a race driver then you will be heavily encouraged and inspired as a Brabham-Fan. You will get online training on car set up, and special coach training on variety of topics racers need to stay up on so they can remain focused and healthy as drivers and support for the team. There will be project challenges on aerodynamics, CFD, suspension geometry and gearboxes that will provide you certification of achievements along the way.
Join now! The video above has some more details! Hurry-campaign ends November 1, 2014

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