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Are your workout clothes harming you? Know your fabric hazards!

This is an educational post from Parenting Healthy while promoting Tasc Performance

Are your workout clothes harming you? Know your fabric hazards!
Do you know what fabric bacteria loves? If you guessed polyester, you are correct! Do you know what the majority of our fitness clothing is made of? Polyester! How does polyester meet up with bacteria? When you sweat! Bacteria leads to odor, irritated skin and weakening of skin cells. Then add coming home from the gym or a run and having your little ones hugging and hanging off you and your clothes-gross! I had heard of this issue with fabrics and needed to research it myself as I do frequent the gym and I needed new clothing because I was not happy with the performance of some of mine when I sweat. I even began getting sweat acne on my shoulders and back despite coming right home and showering. After my research I found bamboo clothing to be the best alternative and I have not had an issue since changing fabrics!
Polyester vs. Bamboo-the science
The reason why polyester and bacteria love each other so much is that the majority of polyester production today includes the use of Nanosilver and antimicrobials in an attempt to ward off bacteria. You may have seen the word ‘antimicrobial’ on your label-that means they know their process will invite bacteria and they need to counteract that process. Nanosilver is a very strong antibacterial technology that attracts bacteria (Micrococcus bacteria to be particular). However, it also kills the good bacteria with the bad. When we do any attempt to kill ALL bacteria, it throws the bacterial balance off and our immune systems suffer the consequence. In an example I was given-Nanosilver has led to the evolution of stronger, more potent bacteria in the same way that overuse of Penicillin has led to MRSA strand. When you add bad bacteria, kill the good bacteria then produce bacteria (through sweat) again, you lack the ability to ward off that new bacteria you are producing. You get clothing that is leaving your skin cells harmed, body and clothing that may show off its bad odor and a breeding ground of bacteria on your skin and clothing for anyone who comes in contact with you before your shower!
Bamboo has a natural finishing process. No Nanosilvers or added antimicrobials are used because they are not needed. The cellulose in bamboo naturally discourages bacterial colonization.When you add 100% cotton or wool to the bamboo process, you get the softness, anti-odor, moisture-wicking and comfortable factors to the clothing. Your body and immune system enjoys this so much better! Bamboo clothing also is lightweight, breathable and has no chemicals in any of the processing steps.



The benefits of Tasc bamboo performance
  • BamCo-Bamboo Performance Technology for for best fiber characteristic performance
  • Use moso timber bamboo-a certified organic, non-polluting forest in China
  • Fibers mixed by hand for the perfect blend
  • State of the art knitting machine for a soft fabric
  • Derived from all-natural resources
  • Extreme comfort
  • Lightweight
  • No chemicals
  • UPF 50+
  • Anti-Odor
  • Breathable
  • Moisture Wicking
  • 4-way Stretch
Tasc has 3 different fabrics they use fort heir clothing. The first is Mosotech™, their original fabric that started tasc performance. This fabric is so soft and feels amazing next to your skin. It is great for all activities from running, yoga, tennis, hiking and fitness. The second fabric they produce is Bambo + Merino™, engineered for performance and protection from the elements of all seasons! Perfect for all of your outdoor activities from skiing on a cold day to hiking or running in the sun. The last fabric Tasc produces is called Velu Performance Fleece™, a highly versatile fabric that has a brushed interior for a soft feel and smooth exterior for layering. Perfect for any activity from hiking outdoors to fitness indoors.


Keep the bad bacteria and odor off your clothes and use bamboo. I use it for the bacteria effect mainly, but also because no other fabric has the feel like bamboo blends-it is so soft and comfortable. The fabric is very durable and will last! Give the athlete in your life a gift of healthier clothing this season! Tasc has the passion to bring you this technology fort he health of your skin and body.
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. All opinions are 100% my own.
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