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Are you prepared for fall and winter UV protection? UV Skinz is a start!

This is a promotional post for UVSkinz

Are you prepared for fall and winter UV protection? UV Skinz is a start!
In the summer you make sure you are stocked up on the sunscreen and hats to protect your family from the sun’s rays, but rays are not seasonal. Damaging UV rays are all around us every month of the year. Sure our side of Earth is not facing and as close to these rays as in the summertime, but they still damage and are not prejudice to skin type or weather. UV Skinz and SPF lotions are necessary year-round for the best skin and tissue health. Want to gain a little knowledge and learn exactly why? Let me tell you!
365 days a year, we awake to the sun directly above us (OK, if you are reading this from the Polar circles you nay have days of no sun-just to be technical). Up to 80% of the sun’s rays penetrate clouds and if it is a snowy or icy day, those rays reflect off of snow and ice. Whether you get direct or indirect contact with these rays, they contribute to our overall exposure risks.
There are 5 main factors that contribute to the strength or dose of UV rays hitting earths surface-Time, Geographical Location, Cloud Cover, Ground reflection and Atmosphere. What this means is that the farther the sun is from the earths surface such as early morning and early evening or given the time of year, the less damaging the rays as they have to travel farther to penetrate the Earth’s surface. The middle of the day is when UV rays are penetrating Earth straight on as the sun is at its peak. When you also consider the ozone health (not the greatest), water vapor and O and CO2 that all absorb these rays year round, we have exposure 365 days a year. Use SPF and cover up because those rays will find you!
UV Skinz clothing are more convenient than traditional sunscreens. Foe the areas these shirts and shorts cover, you are 98% protected. It is like wearing SPF 50 protection. With sunscreens, they work great, but you may have to reapply more than once in a day. The suggestion is to apply sunscreen AND cover up! My son have the Boys UV Skinz Pullover Hoodie for those cooler outdoor days. Even on a clear, 50 degree day, it is still cool out at this recess but those rays are right above him those times of day and he can play freely outdoors while his skin is limited to the exposure. Makes mom happy and feeling a bit safer about his exposure risks.
If you are looking for a unique gift this season or any time of year, UV Skinz are a great idea and you now know why!
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