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Are You A New Blogger? Here Are Some Great Resources That May Help You

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If you are new to Blogging you may be in Google Heck trying to find the place to get help and organization tips. I have been blogging over a year now and when I come across a site that has several tutorials and tips, I bookmark it. But I want to share a Blog with you that I am attached to so much that I joined their affiliate program. I do not spend much time ‘affiliating’ for profit. But, I joined so I am told of the latest packages and tutorials right away as they are available from this group of excellent women!

Blogelina is the program I am referring to

They offer video tutorials (I am a visual learner, so I love video), ebooks, blog design, makeovers, transfers, conferences and the list goes on. They have it all and in 1 spot and cheap! They do amazing work and they know how to price themselves in order of affordability to the new bloggers. They just want to help and educate. I love it!

What offers intrigue me?

Blogelina's Blog Makeover Service
Only $79-year of hosting ($80 value alone),  Wordpress install to your domain w/ theme of choice, 10 important plug-ins installed,   ebook and many video tutorials access!

Turn Your Blog Into Cash!
Choose from multiple video tutorials and they constantly update

Blogelina Blogger to WordPress Transfer
Ready for the switch? $100 is the norm out there to just switch and Blogelina offers the switch, plus 1 year free web hosting and the Blogger Bundle-described below for $99!

To see all they offer and search for topics you need help with, visit 

                                                            Blogelina Products & Services

I can recommend, also that you search for the Blogger Bundle if you want to start with some beneficial reading. This bundle costs only $25 and includes 8 goodies for you! You will get a step-by-step-How To Install WordPress in the WordPress Blog-Set Up guide, The checklist to customizing WordPress, Beginner’s Blogger How-To guide, SEO Quick Tips Sheet, Create & profit from Facebook guide along with the checklist, The Twitter marketing guide and 14 twitter backgrounds and a Satisfaction Guaranteed Seal!…not too shabby for $25!!

Disclosure: 3sonshavei trusts and recommends the above affiliate. This post is an attempt to guide Blogger’s to knowledge I currently benefit from.

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