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Are You a Health Plan Pro Campaign and #Giveaway

This post is sponsored by UnitedHealthcare.

 Welcome to the ‘Are You a Health Pro’ Giveaway


Are you a health pro? A health pro feels confident in choosing a health plan that best fits you and your family. I spent 7 years as a cardiac surgery scheduler. I scheduled inpatient and outpatient cardiac tests and procedures. Part of my job was to begin and follow through on insurance authorizations. I spent a lot of time on obtaining quotes for coverage on such procedures and helping our patients understand their out-of-pocket costs if any. As familiar as I am on terminology and different plan types, I would never make a health plan choice without educating myself further. Laws and plans change a lot and everyone’s situation is different and ever-changing. This engagement site is so valuable to anyone from the young to old. Please share this with anyone you know who may need some education in choosing a plan for them.


This campaign is being done through UnitedHealthcare although you do not have to be a UnitedHealthcare customer to head on over to the engagement site and educate yourself on general terms and answers to common questions. Are You a Health Plan Pro will run from October 5th to November 30th. So head on over to the campaign engagement site and do the 4 tasks:

  1. Quiz: Answer some terminology questions. If you get them wrong, you will be shown the correct answer to help you learn along the way
  2. Matching Game: Learn about 3 different types of healthcare accounts-FSA, HSA and HRA.
  3. Slide Configurator: learn the correlation between premium and out-of-pocket costs for specific scenarios of families
  4. Cost Ranker: Try to guess the order of 8 health care situations by which is more expensive. You will rank them from least to most expensive and it will correct any wrong answers as well as tell you your out-of-pocket costs on each


How to win-twice!

There are 2 giveaway events happening with this campaign. One is the weekly $100 and monthly $500 site wide sweepstakes once you complete all 4 engagements and submit your info. Once you do that you are automatically entered into these drawings. You can enter parentinghealthy in the promo spot as shown below at submit screen.

The second giveaway is right here! Once you do all 4 Are You a Health Plan Pro engagements (quiz, matching game, slide configurator and cost ranker) and submit on their site, come back here to enter my (2) $100 Walmart Gift card prizes!

The BEST part? You can come back everyday to enter on this site and within the UnitedHealthcare engagement site for their prizes too.


My Giveaway

I will have 2 monthly winners throughout the contest—one chosen on October 31st and another on November 30th to win a $100 Walmart gift card. As stated above, head over to the Are You a Health Plan Pro engagement site and complete ALL 4 tasks. They are quick and easy and you will learn a thing or two as well. Once you complete all four engagements and submit, come back here and enter below. You can do this daily (complete the tasks daily and come back here daily after you are done). USA Only. Ends on 11/30/ ENDED

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Joie Betterly

I have heard of this but never thought to participate. Thank you for the information and the giveaways!

Jennifer Corter

I am definitely going to have to check this out for sure. I need to learn more about this!