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Aquasana: How Healthy is your Shower Water?

This is a promotional post for Aquasana. Opinions are my own

There are several showers that happen daily in my home and I had never given much thought to the water I fill the bathtub up with for my son or stand under for my own shower. It’s just water, right? Not exactly! That water you shower with also contains chlorine and other harsh, synthetic chemicals. That water also is highly likely to not be at the correct pH levels that your skin reacts to best. Aquasana has solved that with an easy-to-instal filter set in the shower heads of choice.

The top layer inside filter is made of coconut shell carbon which reduces chlorine and synthetic chemicals. The bottom half inside the filter is made of patented NSF certified copper/zinc media that further reduces chlorine and enhances pH. The filter has a 6 month life or 10,000 gallons of water. There is also a 1 year warranty and 90 day guarantee. 
The Aquasana has an upflow design that prevents media channeling and clogging for superior filtration and an even water flow. 
You end up with skin that is less dry because you are not exposing it to synthetic chemicals anymore. My skin is so much softer since using this filter in my shower. You can get it in a standard head, even use your own head (it fits most) or get the shower wand like I have.
This makes a great housewarming gift or Father’s Day gift as well. It is the easiest way to care from your skin right out of the shower.
Learn more and see all Aquasana products at
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