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AquaBall Naturally Flavored Water for Kids

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AquaBall Naturally Flavored Kids Waters
We all know that we need to consume a lot of water in our day, but like many of us it is hard to drink plain water all day as a kid. I can keep water bottles around so my son will drink water but it is a fight sometime even at games while he learns he has to drink water for his health not just wait until he is thirsty. 
AquaBall has naturally flavored waters that are small enough to toss in the lunchbox. My son loves the flavors and the characters on the containers are popular and one’s the kids love from Avengers and Frozen to Little Mermaid and Mickey. They are all Disney and Marvel themed for the kids. My son wants to drink these and that’s a change from me forcing him to consume water in his day.
True Drinks makes truly natural beverages. These waters have no sugar, no calories, no artificial flavors and offer a great source of B Vitamins. They come in 4 flavors: Berry (Frozen), Fruit Punch (Disney Princesses), Orange (Disney) and Grape(Avengers). 
Locate AquaBall for the stocking or everyday water consumption at many grocers such as Safeway, Albertsons, Amazon, Fred Meyer, Rite Aid, Winco and many more!
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