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Apps for a Stress-Free Holiday Season


1. Picniic

Treat yourself and the entire family to the gift that keeps on giving: stress-free organization. Picniic is an all-in- one organization platform that the entire family can use to manage some of the most demanding aspects of the holidays. With features such as a meal planner, to-do lists and polls for event planning, Picniic is the ultimate tool to make your holiday a worry-free success.


2. Vivino

Every parent needs a well-deserved glass of wine during the holidays. Vivino is like a digital sommelier. You can snap a photo of a wine label and the app will search for details about the bottle. When it finds a match, it returns all sorts of useful information not on the label including reviews by other users and suggested food pairings.


3. Timeglass Timer

This relatively new and elegant iOS app lets you run multiple timers simultaneously and check on the status of each of them at a glance. Timeglass Timer makes holidays a breeze by allowing you to keep track of the timing of dozens of things at once – when to baste the turkey, when to take the holiday cookies out of the oven, and when to get grandma from the airport.


4. (Not)Recipes by Food52

When you have a ton of leftovers and groceries after your holiday party, you may not want to sift through recipes or put together an elaborate meal (if you’re in the mood to cook at all). Think of Food’s app as an iteration of Instagram, but exclusively dedicated to food. It offers inspiration, rather than instruction, but photos are usually accompanied by captions descriptive enough for you to throw something similar together.

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